The lack of professionalism is one of the reasons for  delay in infrastructure projects

The lack of professionalism is one of the reasons for delay in infrastructure projects

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The other day, Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze harshly criticized the two companies involved in the infrastructure projects in the outskirts of the city for the slow pace of works.

A delay in implementation of state projects  has long become one of the hot topics in Georgia   due to various reasons –some blame  the dishonesty of companies that take money but cannot timely fulfill tender conditions, and the lack of professionalism.

Experts say that the projects are often delayed because they are  drawn up in a wrong way  by private companies that lack professionalism to draw up full-fledged and feasible projects.

Private companies name  untimely transfer of money by state bodies as the most common reasons for the delay in the projects.

According to Paata Trapaidze, the CEO at Caucasus Road Project, in the 21st century technologies are developing very fast and private companies implement projects at the level that is available to them.

“The  infrastructure projects are often delayed and all sides blame each other -  companies blame the state, the state blames the companies. The best way to solve the problem is to jointly design the projects. If necessary, city authorities should be able to make adjustments to the project if it is not well developed, ” the businessman notes.

In Paata Trapaidze’s words, most infrastructure projects in Georgia are carried out with the use of the Soviet methodology.

In addition, Paata Trapaidze believes that those who complete the project in timely should be encouraged by the state.

Trapaidze  adds that the situation is complicated by the  national currency’s collapse  because most materials for  infrastructure projects are imported and  bought for dollars or euros. The lari’s devaluation  makes these purchases more expensive, companies’ costs increase and they don’t have enough tender amounts to complete the work.

According to the head of the Lagodekhavtogza company Givi Tsikarishvili, construction is a very complex process, builders often carry out a project improperly, but often mistakes are made at the design stage.


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