The entry of Radisson Red hotels into Georgia is still in question

The entry of Radisson Red hotels into Georgia is still in question

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“First Narmania, then  Kaladze have been lying for  four years. I talked to Kakha Kaladze about the Radisson Red hotel project, he told me to call him what  I did  but he  doesn’t  answer the phone. Until he is  the Mayor of Tbilisi, the hotel will not be built, ”- Commerce Group owner,  businessman David Kodua told  Commersant while speaking about the problem around  the construction of Radisson RED hotel.

Commersant has highlighted the entry of Radisson RED hotel  to Georgia for several years. Davit Kodua, the founder of Commerce Group, is trying to bring the world's famous hotel network to Georgia. However, the hotel construction has been delayed for years, including due to the dispute with neighbors and rejection of the hotel project by the Architecture Service of the City Hall. David Kodua says the City Hall doesn’t approve the hotel location.

Apart from the dispute with neighbors, Tbilisi Mayor hinders  the project, but I do not know about Kaladze’s personal interest, Davit Kodua notes.

According to David Kodua, after the construction permit is active, the Radisson RED 14-storey hotel project will be replaced by a 9-storey building, what Radisson agrees to.

Radisson has refused to change its location and will not discuss any other location besides Chavchavadze, but at this stage we agree that the Radisson Red will be a 9-storey project instead of a 14-storey hotel.

we have filed an application in court to extend  the construction permit and are waiting for the judge's decision.

The judge gave me the right to start working within a year, ”the businessman notes.


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