" The economic team staffed with incompetent people should be changed "

access_time2019-03-25 13:05:55

"Georgia has had two economies for a long time, one of which is written on the paper and the second our people see in reality," Nika Shengelia, the doctor of economics, says in his interview with the radio "Commersant". Shengelia focuses on  prospects of Georgia's economy and the lari’s rate.

"Economics, which is written on the paper is not a lie. Naturally, Georgia will see  growth. The Ministry of Infrastructure carries out  many projects that leads to money supply growth,  as well as in an increase in transportation, services, buying and selling, trade. But why do not people feel it? The Ministry of Infrastructure announced major tenders this year, and we will have money supply growth this year too; I am sure that GDP will exceed 4.8.

However, it is important the growth to be inclusive and the general public  to be involved in creating this wealth. Constructions and infrastructural projects are good, but the general population are not involved in the process.

I emphasize that the infrastructure projects implementation can be only hailed, if not these projects, I do not know what would happen to our country's economy. However, in other areas companies that worked 3-4 years ago have  stopped operating. We had high hopes that after the presidential election, all the promises would have been fulfilled, but it did not happen. The economic team staffed with  incompetent people   should be changed, "Nika Shengelia notes.

He believes that  the securities law should be subject to EU regulations.

We addressed the City Hall to issue  bonds,  20% of which  will be issued in Georgia, the rest - abroad. They will have a high liquidity.

We forecast that  up to 15 April the national currency  will stand  at  2.66.-2.70, if any political factor doesn’t affect it, Nika Shengelia says.


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