"The country needs long-term projects to develop agriculture"

access_time2020-01-21 17:25:58

Tens of millions of the laris have been recently poured  in Georgian agriculture both from the state budget and by international donors . However, despite this, the country's agricultural sector doesn’t develop and the country consumes mainly imported food products.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, in 7 years the country imported food worth $ 8.5 billion and the average import of agricultural products amounts to $ 1.2 billion.

All this money is spent  on the salaries of farmers and food industry personnel abroad, for this  a huge amount of currency is spent that hits the national currency.

In the same period, food exports from Georgia amounted to $ 5.1 billion.

According to Director of the International School of Economics Irakli Kochlamazashvili, one of the reasons for this is the lack of modern technologies in the country's agriculture.


“There are a lot of people employed in Georgian agriculture - officially 40% of the total number of employed persons. But their labor is extremely inefficient - they produce  no more than 7-8% of the total GDP due to systemic problems that cannot be solved with one-time financial injections. This can be explained by the lack of knowledge, modern skills and technology, ” Kochlamazashvili notes.

The expert believes  the country needs long-term projects to develop agriculture.

“The country should have highly productive agriculture which will  employ no more than 5-10% of the total employed population,” he says.


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