The book industry in Georgia is suffering millions in  losses

The book industry in Georgia is suffering millions in losses

access_time2021-05-13 12:44:28


"They do not understand in Georgia what the publishing business is and that it also needs support as due to the pandemic, we are suffering millions in losses," Kakha Kudava, head of the Intellect publishing house, says.


According to Kudava, the publishing companies do not receive any assistance from the state, which does not appreciate the success of the publishing industry in the international market.


“France allocated 3 billion euros from the budget to support authors and publishers as  they realize the importance of this business, ”he notes.


In Kudava’s words, the publishing business revenues barely reach 5% of the pre-pandemic levels.


“The book sector in Georgia is on the verge of bankruptcy as no one buys books. After the lockdown was canceled, the situation didn’t improve significantly - in the midst of a pandemic, book sales amounted to 5-8% of the 2019 levels, but now they have fallen even more. The activity is very low, except for insignificant  e-books sales. In the current situation, the sector needs support from the state, ” Kakha Kudava stresses.


Another publishing house "Sulakauri" talks about  great difficulties faced by the business due to a long forced vacation suffering losses of GEL 500,000. The company expects  the business to revive at the end of May.


“Some countries calculate economic losses from downtime daily, but not in our country. The forced rest every day brings us losses, but from the end of May we hope sales will grow and the publishing sector will revive. I cannot say that the situation is hopeless, we expect people will return to the city from the Easter holidays and sales will increase," Tina Mamulashvili, Managing Director of the Sulakauri Publishing House, says.


Mamulashvili believes that a grown interest in books could positively affect the sales  as people now have more time to read.


“If economic activity in the country resumes, the situation in the business  will also improve. we have not received revenues  for several months and are suffering losses. In theory, the situation should improve in September, ”she adds.



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