The average price of hazelnuts will be GEL 2.5-3 per kilo

The average price of hazelnuts will be GEL 2.5-3 per kilo

access_time2020-07-31 16:00:22

Companies in western Georgia will start buying hazelnuts in a week. According to the Georgian Product Renaissance company, the quality of hazelnuts is good this year as well as  harvest and one kilogram will cost 2.5-3 GEL on average.

Georgian Products Renaissance company located in Khobi, Samegrelo was founded in October 2013. It processes an average of 2-2.5 thousand tons of nuts per year. The company employs 80 people during the season and 30 during the off-season.

According to Baya Salukvadze, the founder of Georgian Product Renaissance, the company will start delivering hazelnuts next week.

“The crop is quite good  not only in Georgia, but all over the world. Thus neither the local price nor the international export price is high. The average export price of chopped hazelnuts is $ 5.5-6, while the average delivery price in Georgia is GEL  2.5 (the initial price was GEL 3). 

Prices in the hazelnut market are very volatile, it does not depend on the Georgian consumer and purchasing market. It depends on prices in Turkey, so we don’t exclude price hikes from October, "- Baya Salukvadze notes.


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