Temur Chkonia to Invest GEL 40 Million in McDonald's and Coca-Cola Expansion

Temur Chkonia to Invest GEL 40 Million in McDonald's and Coca-Cola Expansion

access_time2022-01-21 17:00:32

In 2022, McDonald's is set to open at least two new branches, while Coca-Cola will increase its productivity. The total investment to be poured into the business will be up to GEL 40 million- Temur Chkonia, the founder of Coca-Cola Bottlers Georgia and McDonald’s Georgia, told Commersant. The businessman also spoke in detail about the investment environment in Georgia and the judiciary problems.

Speaking about the investment environment, Temur Chkonia mentions several types of investors: those who are recommended by well-known businessmen and others -who establishing relations with the government receive benefits. Anyway, investor behavior is influenced by the tax system, the legal environment and the opportunities available in the country.

" A contract with the Rhodeschild Financial Group, the creation of two financial centers will seriously improve the country’s investment environment and will radically change it . This will simultaneously change the financial environment and facilitate the training of new staff and encourage employees'  professional development .

The investor must be very interested in
pouring money in to the country. Anmd w hat makes Georgia attractive? We call Georgia a p earl in terms its geographical location and the Silk Road running here but this alone will not convince investors. The local businesses need more motivation not to stop the dynamics of development,"- the businessman notes when talking about the current problems.

Temur Chkonia believes that the suspension of the construction of both Anaklia port and Namakhvani HPP was a bad signal for investors.

In the businessman's opinion , despite large investments are not made in the country , the budget is fulfilled thanks to Georgian businessmen. He adds that investments should not depend on human views and tastes, because we all have one country .


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