Tbilisi Mayor Does Not Deny Talks  with Russian GAZ

Tbilisi Mayor Does Not Deny Talks with Russian GAZ

access_time2019-10-03 12:13:26

“I don’t know if Tbilisi Minibus Tbilisi is holding talks with  the Russian automotive manufacturer GAZ, but it’s important that it will be  Georgian production and the Georgian brand,” Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze says commenting on the launch of Russian minibuses Gazelle production in Georgia.

Kakha Kaladze announced about the launch of production of minibuses in Georgia without specifying which companies are involved in talks.  Commersant has learnt that the talks are underway with  the Russian company GAZ about the production of Gazelle next minibuses.

“The minibuses moving around  Tbilisi should be urgently changed due to their very poor condition. For this reason  we are negotiating about their replacement by new cars. The contract provides for the import of cars, but Tbilisi Minibus  initiated  to start assembling  cars in Georgia. This project is interesting for us, we can only hail this initiative as we are  set to create a new Georgian brand,” he says.

In  the Mayor’s words, no decision has been made yet and negotiations are still underway.

“Negotiations with investors are carried out by  Tbilisi Minibus company while the City Hall is not directly involved  in them,” he notes.

Tbilisi Minibus company confirms the talks about the facility construction and doesn’t  deny a Russian manufacturer as the potential partner.

“These minibuses are produced in many countries, including Russia and Turkey. We can’t specify with which company we are holding negotiations, ” Tbilisi Minibus explains.


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