Tbilisi land use  master plan to be adopted today

Tbilisi land use master plan to be adopted today

access_time2019-03-15 16:03:58

“Today is a historic day. Tbilisi now has its own general plan - the constitutional development of the city. The document will be adopted today at the meeting of the City Assembly to provide for further correct and long-term development of the capital, ” Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze said before the meeting.

In the past 25 years a lot of problems have  accumulated, including  chaotic , construction, difficult economic situation, traffic jams, poorly developed public transport, and much more. All these problems were caused by the lack of a systemic vision and a single action plan.

 “All the mistakes made in recent decades can’ be fixed  in one day but this will be the starting point from which a news stage of the  city development will begin,” the Mayor said.



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