Tbilisi – a modern city with  bus stations from the 90s

Tbilisi – a modern city with bus stations from the 90s

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The Mayor of Tbilisi Kakha Kaladze says that the capital of Georgia is a city that meets modern European standards, but in reality, Tbilisi has  a lot of places that do not meet not only European but any standards.

Take, for example, the intercity bus stations, which have preserved  the look of the 90s.


Most bus stations are located in areas adjacent to the city center, their services are used by foreign tourists travelling  by buses and minibuses to the regions to see attractions in Georgia.


The government agencies, including the City Hall, don’t give a specific answer to the question of why Tbilisi has no bus stations meeting any standards and how long the current situation will last.


Nestor Mikatadze, Director of one of the largest bus stations located 5 kilometers from the tourist center of Tbilisi acknowledgeы there is a problem. He believes that the Georgian bus stations do not really meet any standards, but there are specific reasons for this.


“The renovation of  bus stations needs money we don’t have. Funds for repairs will appear only when taking of unaccounted passengers on board who pay directly to drivers is stopped. When the problem is resolved and all passengers pass through the bus station, then it will be possible to talk about something. We are trying to improve the situation and developing on the online ticket booking system that will improve the service, ”he says.


 According to Mikatadze, the bus station is regularly certified to receive the status of a bus station of the second category.


“What is happening at our bus station is an integral part of the daily life of Georgia where  an official bus station co-exists  with unofficial one with dozens of cars carrying passengers in all directions quite  uncontrollably, accompanied by noise and unsanitary. There is nothing unexpected and unusual for Georgia, it is just an episode from our everyday life, ” Director of the bus station stresses.


He believes a number of changes to the current legislation are to be adopted   to solve  the situation with intercity transport, the mayor's office should  adopt a normative act that will regulate the movement of intercity transport.

“Thus, the government  doesn’t solve the problem and returns the country to a dark, difficult past of the 90s, ”Nestor Mikatadze concludes.


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