Tax reform might be launched  in other major cities of Georgia

Tax reform might be launched in other major cities of Georgia

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After being implemented in Tbilisi, a taxi reform might be launched  in other cities of Georgia - despite the lack of public transport is urgent  both in  the capital and the regions, it seems that the local municipality intends to restore order on the roads in this way.

A paid parking system is planned to be introduced in large cities, apart from that,  taxi licensing and the development of public transport will begin in the regional cities.

In regional cities public transport , mini buses  and buses operate until 6 pm, after which movement is possible only by private transport and taxi.

The situation is even worse in rural areas, where public transport runs only in the morning.

At this stage taxi reform will be carried out only in Kutaisi and Batumi.

According to Director of the NGO Eco Transport Center Vaso Urushadze, what is being carried out  in Tbilisi, can’t be called a taxi reform. It’s thoughtless package of regulations that will have effect only if they are carried out throughout Georgia.

Urushadze  believes that neither the capital, nor the regional cities are ready for a full-scale taxi reform.

“In Kutaisi municipal transport has not been functioning for 12 years, and the city is served by 10 private companies won the tender but the condition of their cars is very poor. The city mayor’s office announced the creation of a local municipal transport system in a year. But the process has not yet begun, while  the creation of a public transport system is a rather long and complicated process that should be started today, ”Vaso Urushadze explains.

According to the head of the Association of Transport and Roads David Meskhishvili, the taxi reform carried out in Tbilisi is not designed for large-scale results, as it was carried out without preliminary study of the topic.

“The process is  irresponsible, and the Tbilisi model  can’t be used  in other cities as it will lead to  the taxi business  consolidation and will force  the self-employed to leave the market, ”he stresses.


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