Swimming pools prepare  to open

Swimming pools prepare to open

access_time2020-07-09 14:20:38

The number of visitors will be significantly limited in swimming pools-  for each person should be at least 6 square meters of  area, laboratory inspection should be performed  in every 10 days, the pool and shower water should be constantly changed, as for deck chairs, a social distance of 2 meters must be observed.


The pools will be allowed to start working after being checked by the Ministry of Health.


According to Rusiko Jikia, a representative of Gino Paradise, the largest wellness center in Georgia, the new regulations will decrease the number of visitors and increase costs that will lead to services price hikes  by 15%.


 “Deobarriers, antiseptic liquids, disinfecting devices require additional financial and labor resources. For this reason, we’ll have to increase prices despite the total area of the complex is 9 hectares, the internal area is 12,000 hectares and it will be problematic for us to keep social distancing. While for other smaller pools it will be very difficult to fulfill this condition, ”she explains.


The Olympic swimming complex  also talks about possible  price increases  for services.


“Restrictions will definitely  decrease the number of visitors, while costs will increase and we’ll be forced  to increase prices,” they say.


Other swimming pools, on the contrary, expect an increase in demand, which can be regulated by the distribution of visitors by hours, but do not deny they will have to limit the number of visitors that will make   price increases inevitable but not radical.


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