Slaughterhouses produced 37 180.4 tons of meat in 2020

Slaughterhouses produced 37 180.4 tons of meat in 2020

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According to survey results, slaughtering of 58 523 unit of livestock and poultry were possible during a day. In 2020 the 288.3 thousand livestock were slaughtered in the slaughterhouses according to survey results, 37.8 percent of which were cattle and 62.2 percent – sheep, goat, pig etc.

In addition, the number of poultry slaughtered in slaughterhouses during the reporting period amounted to 12 005.8 thousand. 37 180.4 tons of meat were produced by slaughterhouses (i.e. slaughtered weight, including poultry meat) during the 2020, 30.8 percent of which is beef, 46.7 percent – poultry meat, 21.7 percent – pork, 0.6 percent – sheep and goat meat and share of other was not significant. 1 530.4 tons of meat from the slaughtered livestock were purchased in 2020 of which 59.1 percent is cattle, 36.4 percent pork meat.

 The service was provided to 27.5 thousand persons, 37.2 percent of which were households. The monthly average number of people employed in slaughterhouses equaled 906 persons. The average cost of the service of slaughtering per each livestock made up: slaughtering cattle – 26.8 GEL, sheep or goat – 12.8 GEL, and pig – 24.3 GEL.

Most of slaughterhouses are fully equipped with modern technologies (50.0 percent), 45.5 is partially equipped and 4.5 is not equipped with modern technologies at all. 70.0 percent of slaughterhouses do not use loans while 30.0 percent has taken loans by several reasons: 48.5 purchasing fixed assets, 33.3 percent for the working capital and 18.2 percent got loans as purchasing fixed assets as for the working capital simultaneously.

In 2020, the number of active livestock and poultry slaughterhouses was 110 in Georgia, 19.1 percent of which were located in Kvemo Kartli region, 16.4 percent – in Kakheti region, 12.7 percent in Shida Kartli region, 12.7 percent in Imereti region, 11.8 percent – in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region, and remained 25.5 percent in other regions.


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