Sales at malls back to pre-pandemic levels

Sales at malls back to pre-pandemic levels

access_time2021-10-13 15:03:16

According to Nika Tsintsadze, director at Galleria Tbilisi shopping center, sales have increased, but the fifth covid wave can change the situation for the worse.

“We will face a very difficult situation if the government  declares a lockdown. Since 2020, we have experienced  two full and one partial lockdowns, and if the situation repeats, it is not clear how it will affect the shops. at this stage sales have returned to the pre-pandemic levels,” he notes.

In Nika Tsintsadze’s words, sales  make 90% of the  2020 level,  the number of visitors make 70% of the  2019 level.

“We own 100 stores, almost all of them continue to operate, only 5 stores were closed due to the pandemic. Amid a growing demand, we want to attract new brands to the country, negotiations are underway, the details will be announced in a few months, ” Director at Galleria notes.

Nata Gogoladze, head of the marketing at Tbilisi Mall shopping center, also says that the situation has stabilized.

According to Gogoladze, consumers have become active, sales have increased but  it is too early to specify figures.

The company  also expects sales to increase on Black Friday in November.


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