Sakstat data-  a subsistence minimum or an extreme form of cynicism!?

Sakstat data- a subsistence minimum or an extreme form of cynicism!?

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GEL 361 is the subsistence minimum determined  by the Statistical Service of Georgia on April 17 not for one person, but for a family of 4 people and not for 2 days, but for a whole month.

The data  for a family of 3 people  are even more optimistic and makes  GEL 288, of  two people - only GEL 288.

Georgian economists do not even argue about these figures, since GEL  361 or less than $ 150, can’t be sufficient for four people.

But there is the issue that can be challenged, namely the methodology of calculation and political will, which for many years does not allow the authorities to measure  real subsistence minimum.

 Expert Giorgi Khukhashvili says that the counting methodology used by  Sakstat does not include utilities, transportation costs and much more.

“Imagine a family of 4 people who are lying in bed all day, do not go outside, do not turn on the light, live in the dark, and do nothing at all. If one lives like this, then perhaps this amount is really enough. The only question is, what is it called - a subsistence minimum or an extreme  form of cynicism? ” the expert says.

“The purpose of statistics is not to reflect  the economic situation in the country, but to blow dust in the eyes. The government is satisfied with this invented subsistence minimum, since it shows that everything is good in the country, ” Giorgi Khukhashvili notes.

Expert Paata Sheshelidze believes that this study is meaningless, since nothing depends on its results - neither wages, pensions, nor any other payments are tied to the subsistence minimum.

In Sheshelidze’s words, there can be no complaints to the Statistical Service, which is staffed by competent professionals in the field, but they fulfill the will of the government and obey the  state policy.

The current subsistence minimum calculation  methodology has been used  since May 8, 2003, based on several criteria developed by the Ministry of Health.

The methodology does not include utilities, transportation costs, the purchase of clothing and hygiene products, etc.

In particular, Sakstat considers sufficient for good nutrition - bread - 7, 5 kg. per month, beans-  600 grams per month, rice - 300 grams per month, pasta - 450 grams per month, pork - 300 grams per month, chicken- 600 grams per month, potatoes - 4, 5 kg per month, cabbage - 1, 2 kg per month, matsoni - 750 grams per month.


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