Russian ship resumes work on Nord Stream 2, despite US sanctions

Russian ship resumes work on Nord Stream 2, despite US sanctions

access_time2021-01-25 12:30:24

The Russian pipe-laying ship "Fortuna" has defied US sanctions on Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and resumed its work on the project in waters off Denmark.


A Russian vessel was conducting "preparatory works and tests" before continuing the construction on the Nord Stream 2 project, Danish authorities told Bloomberg media on Sunday.

Owned by the Russian company KVT-RUS, the pipe-laying ship "Fortuna" left Germany days ago and has been located some 28 kilometers (18 miles) south of the Danish island of Bornholm. 

Despite being subject to US sanctions, "Fortuna" resumed work "in line with relevant permits," the Nord Stream company said on Sunday.


The controversial €10-billion ($11-billion) Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which is majority owned by Russian gas giant Gazprom, will run 1,200 kilometers (745 miles) beneath the Baltic Sea and is set to double Russian gas shipments to Germany, Europe's largest economy.

Work on the project resumed in December within German waters after being suspended for nearly a year because of the threat of US sanctions.

On January 15, Danish authorities cleared Nord Stream to resume construction.

Now about 94% complete, most of the outstanding pipe-laying will take place within Danish territorial waters.

The controversial Nord Stream gas pipeline stretching from Russia to Germany is almost 94% complete

The European Parliament on Thursday passed a non-binding resolution urging Brussels to halt the completion of the pipeline.     

Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic states fiercely oppose the project, fearing among other things, that it will increase Europe's reliance on Russian energy, which Moscow could leverage to exert political pressure.



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