Russia rejects Georgian wines

Russia rejects Georgian wines

access_time2021-04-01 14:47:19

Wines produced in Georgia were rejected in Russia.

In the anti-rating compiled by the experts of the non-profit organization ROSKACHESTVO out of 15 wines, 6 are produced in Georgia. (five  in the territory controlled by Georgia, one in de facto Abkhazia). "Kindzmarauli", "Tsinandali" and "Saperavi", as well as "Kindzmarauli-Muzaradi" and "Kindzmarauli-Betaneli" produced by the Dugladze wine company were included in the anti-rating.

Quality control  specialists checked the most popular imported wines among Russian consumers which cost up to 1000 rubles (about GEL 45). The experts of the organization inspected more than 120 types of wines imported from 13 countries and named three of them of the lowest quality.

The commission evaluates wines based on a 100-point scale   including their  appearance, smell and taste, as developed  by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV). Wines below 71 points are  characterized by lack of taste and aroma and poor quality.

Two of the three lowest quality wines are Georgian, namely red semi-sweet "Kindzmarauli-Dugladze", which received  59, 16 points, and white dry "Tsinandali-Dugladze" - 69.34 points. Another three Georgian wines received  a higher score, but they still got into the anti-rating of low-quality wines. They are red dry "Saperavi-Dugladze" with 74, 08 points, red semi-sweet "Kindzmarauli helmet" with 75.5 points and red semi-sweet "Kindzmarauli Betaneli" with 77.16 points.

It’s worth mentioning  that sparkling wine from separatist Abkhazia was also included in the anti-rating with 76.1 points and 4 out of 5 Georgian wines have better  evaluation.

Apart from Georgian wines, the  Serbian "BrojanicaVranac considered to be the worst quality wine with  67.7 points.

The Russian quality system will publish a full rating of imported wine in April.

As for the rejected Georgian wines, three of them  are produced by Dugladze Wine Company, one by Kotekhi-Gurjaani Wine Factory and one by Bolero & Company.

Zaza (Zaal) Dugladze, a majoritarian MP from Khashuri and Kareli municipalities, is the co-founder of Dugladze Wine Company Ltd. He owns a 23% stake in the company, but due to the fact that his mandate as a deputy prohibits him from engaging in entrepreneurial activities, At the same time, Alexander Ivanishvili, Malkhaz Kanchaveli, Davit Dugladze own 23-23% shares in the company, and Giorgi Kapanadze, a citizen of Georgia and Russia, owns 8% shares.

"Kindzmarauli-Muzaradi" made by JSC Kotekhi-Gurjaani Wine Factory was also included in the anti-rating. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the company is Davit Dugladze, the members are Alexander Ivanishvili and Zaza (Zaal) Dugladze.

Among the rejected wines are "Kindzmarauli Betaneli" produced by Bolero & Company Ltd. Vakhtang Karichashvili, a Georgian-Russian dual citizen, owns 100% of the company.


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