Ridex Bikes - The first Georgian bicycle  released to the Georgian market

Ridex Bikes - The first Georgian bicycle released to the Georgian market

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The idea of ​​creating the first Georgian bicycle came to Shalva Babilua about two years ago. The reason was a free niche in the Georgian market and a need for Georgian spare parts and  Georgian service center. Georgian bicycles are assembled in Poti enterprise where 14 people are employed.

"The bikes are affordable  with a guarantee and are of good quality. Bicycles with a guarantee are quite expensive and no one provides a warranty against product defects, replacement parts due to the lack of any brand’s official representation.

The main is that we are guarantors if there is something wrong with the bike.

We started making the product, ordered several variations of the parts and assembled about 5-7 models. We calculated the market value and developed one of the first models-  an affordable quality bike under warranty. Our company  ordered frames, assembled the bikes and started selling in March, ” Shalva Babilua, founder of Ridex Bikes, explains.

Ridex Bikes has already produced 700 bikes of two different models, which are on sale both in the company's service centers and online.

The investment cost  of the project is GEL 250,000.

The price of a bicycle ranges within GEL 400- 600.

Ridex Bikes has already received orders for 20 bicycles from Kutaisi International University and   Georgian and foreign students will ride Georgian bicycles.

The company is set to attract investors and export Georgian bicycles to the neighboring countries.


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