Restaurants that reopened are closing one by one

Restaurants that reopened are closing one by one

access_time2021-03-05 13:39:00

“After the restaurants were allowed to reopen, some decided to wait until better times, those that still  reopened are closing one by one. If we compare with 2019, 50% of restaurants have closed down, “ -  the vice-president of the Georgian Restaurant Association Shota Burjanadze says.


According to Burjanadze, even restaurant chains, which are more stable, are forced to close branches and only 40% of chain restaurants are operating now.


“Before the pandemic up to 10,000 facilities- restaurants, bars, pastry shops, cafes-  operated  in the market. We warned the government about the need to take a number of steps without which at least half of 10,000 facilities  would not have survived until the end of the pandemic. Unfortunately, our forecasts have justified - 50% of restaurants no longer exist, others were forced to cut the staff.  The restaurant chains had to close their branches, and only 40% of them continue operating,” he says.


In Burjanadze’s words,  only 700 out of 10,000 facilities  have a delivery service which  will allow only a few to survive. If things continue this way, only 2% of the total number of restaurants will  survive by the end of the pandemic.


“Currently small and medium-sized facilities are operating on the market. The second lockdown ruined everything to the end, and if things continues this way, only 2% of restaurants will survive, ”he explains.


Burjanadze adds that  the main problem for the business amid a pandemic is to pay rent  that makes  restaurants close down.


He believes   many of those who have stopped working will never  return to the market even after the full recovery of the tourism industry.


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