Regulations tightened for food facilities

Regulations tightened for food facilities

access_time2021-03-02 14:49:10

From  March 8 all Georgian restaurants will be allowed to work in full not only in outdoor spaces . But for this, they will have to observe complex and strict regulations.


Guests both in the interior and on the verandas will be served only if a table is ordered in advance – a client will not be able to enter a facility from the street and take a seat.


Places for guests must be pre-marked with special signs on the floor, employees and visitors must measure the temperature, if the facility employs more than 20 people, then thermoscreening must be recorded, if less than 20, an account in a special journal will be enough.


Contact between employees and visitors should be minimized, for this purpose transparent barriers will be installed at the checkout and bar counter. Each facility  must be provided with  disinfectants with alcohol 70%.


A distance between tables in restaurants must be not less than 2 meters, if this is impossible, then there should be a barrier between the tables. No more than 12 people will be allowed to sit at the same table.


Regulations for indoor work will be even stricter.


The facility must ensure at least 4 square metres of space for each person, the total number of guests must  not exceed 60 people, the distance between the tables must be  2 meters, but the distance between the chairs must be at least 1. No more than 6 persons can sit at one table, not counting children under 12 years old.

If the facility is equipped with a ventilation system, it must be turned on even out of hours, as for household air conditioners, they must be turned on for 15 minutes every 2 hours.


Serving dishes to guests, washing dishes, cleaning and disinfecting the premises, etc will b also strictly regulated.


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