Quality of Georgian wine has got bad-  European winemakers say

Quality of Georgian wine has got bad- European winemakers say

access_time2021-09-23 13:02:02

Practically  everything  on the global  market is getting  more expensive in the post-pandemic period, the only product that is getting cheaper is wine.


According to Chairman of the National Wine Agency  Levan Mekhuzla, during the pandemic, prices are declining due to surplus of unsold wine on the world market.


“This problem is faced by the global wine industry. Many countries were closed and wine sales were resumed in the second half of 2020 that caused wine surplus. Georgia is not a large producer by world standards, our wine doesn’t have  any impact  on global prices and we have to adapt to new conditions, ”he says.


Levan Mekhuzla notes that compared with 2019, Georgian wine prices have decreased on average by 10-20%, only diversification of sales markets can improve the current situation by intense popularization of Georgian wine abroad.


Winemakers, though, do not consider the current situation a problem believing that  price risk is minimal, and talks about the need of  diversification of sales markets.


“We’ve managed to keep prices. The price of our wine did not rise but practically did not drop,  at this stage, a bottle of wine costs GEL 7-10 euros. We sell about 20 wines to Europe and Japan. Our sales are diversified, but the situation will improve when all wine companies diversify sales markets,"- Koka Archvadze, head of the Tsinandali Estate wine company, notes.


Tamaz Omanazdze, Director of Khomli’s Cellar company, does not consider prices as a problem.


“Prices are not that important, especially for us. We’ve agreed on the sale  of our wine at a prestigious London liquor store for £ 800 per a bottle. But  lately more and more our European colleagues say that the quality of Georgian wine has got bad. If this trend is not stopped, the sales of Georgian wine in new markets will collapse, ” the businessman adds.


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