Putin Wants to 'Replace' Wikipedia With 'Reliable' Russian Version

Putin Wants to 'Replace' Wikipedia With 'Reliable' Russian Version

access_time2019-11-07 08:55:00

President Vladimir Putin convened a meeting of Russia’s language council Tuesday, where he warned that there is a war against the Russian language, recommended replacing Wikipedia and called for the introduction of uniform language norms. 

Chaired by presidential adviser Vladimir Tolstoy, the 48-member council is charged with developing state policy on protecting and promoting the Russian language abroad.

Here are four takeaways from the session.

“I ask you to start working on a single corpus of dictionaries, reference books, and grammar books containing the norms of the modern literary language when it is used as the state language of Russia.” 

“They should become mandatory for use by all state agencies, including government bodies, the executive, judicial, and legislative bodies, schools, and mass media.”

 “It’s better to replace it with the Great Russian Encyclopedia in electronic form [...] That information will at least be reliable, presented in good modern form.”


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