Production of Georgian Herbia Ltd down 25% in 2021

Production of Georgian Herbia Ltd down 25% in 2021

access_time2022-01-20 15:00:09

Production and sales of the "Georgian Herbia Ltd" company decreased by 25% last year. The company founder, entrepreneur Jumber Beltadze explains this by the pandemic and labor shortages.

Apart from that, Georgian products compete with the Iranian ones - partners opt for Iranian herbs due to  a lower price.

"Last year our company saw a sharp decline in yield due to the pandemic that cut production by about 25%. Transportation is a separate problem as well as a shortage of workers in the regions. In 4-5 years, the yield of herbs has gradually decreased and the country exports mostly Iranian herbs. Iran is one of the largest suppliers in the world whose products  are in great demand in global markets that even further complicates the situation  from a competitive point of view. Although our product is of a better quality, the choice is made in favor of Iranian products because of their lower cost,”- Jumber Beltadze told Commersant.

As for the price, 1 kg of herbs is sold at GEL 5-6 in the local market, while export  cost exceeds GEL 10.

Georgian Herbia LTD is a grower, packer, and shipper of Global Gap -certified culinary herbs and vegetables with no chemical fertilizers or insecticides. Since commencing production in early 2006, Herbia has quickly become one of Georgia’s leading producers of premium-quality, greenhouse-grown culinary herbs and vegetables and a pioneer in the field of packaged herbs offered to local consumers. It operates some 3 ha of greenhouse and a modern refrigerated warehouse with 2 packing lines in Tskaltubo, Georgia.

Production volume is up to 70-80 tons per season, of which 90% is exported  to Ukraine.


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