Partnership Fund puts Borjomi Likani hotel  for sale

Partnership Fund puts Borjomi Likani hotel for sale

access_time2019-11-06 14:55:38

The Partnership Fund (PF)  announces a public auction to further develop Borjomi Likani hotel.

The Partnership Fund offers potential investors a 10-year lease on hotel assets, along with a purchase right. The minimum purchase price  of the hotel is $ 37 565 408. Detailed information is included in the auction terms prepared by the Partnership Fund for potential investors. The auction terms  were sent to embassies, international organizations and potential investors interested in the hotel business.

Borjomi Likani hotel  owns 156600.00 square meters of land and hotel buildings. The land plot of 234425.00 m2 adjacent to the hotel  remains the property of the Partnership Fund. To  further develop it, the Fund is ready to consider investment projects if investors show their interest. It is worth mentioning that the hotel area is bordered with the state-owned Romanov Palace and  8- ha historic park, where a large-scale museum complex is set  to be arranged  as soon as the restoration and rehabilitation process is completed.

The public auction will be held on December 6, 2019 at 3pm in the Partnership Fund’s office. The new hotel owner will be revealed  via auction.

The Partnership Fund has owned 100% of the Borjomi Likani hotel since 2018.


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