Parliament terminates opposition mandates

Parliament terminates opposition mandates

access_time2021-01-04 11:25:43


The Georgian Parliament of 10th Convocation kicked off a discussion of the opposition parties’ requests to terminate their parliamentary mandates obtained at the 2020 elections.

The MPs approved the request of the Alliance of Patriots on Monday. Thus the mandates of party members Irma Inashvili, Giorgi Lomia, and Gocha Tevdoradze have been terminated. Two other party members, Avtandil Enukidze and Davit Zilpimiani plan to take up the seats to fill the vacant parliamentary posts.

The United National Movement-United opposition election bloc, European Georgia, Lelo, Strategy Agmashenebeli, the Labour party, and Zurab Japaridze (Girchi) officially renounced their mandates.

Girchi and Aleko Elisashvili’s party Citizens have not requested the mandate termination yet.

Georgian opposition parties believe the 2020 parliamentary elections were a fraud.

The 10th convocation of the parliament of Georgia held its first session on December 11, 2020. No opposition MPs attended the session.



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