Out of hours working is still  a problem in Georgia

Out of hours working is still a problem in Georgia

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While in Georgia they are arguing about after-hours and additional work, in Japan Microsoft conducted an experiment and introduced a 4-day workweek - as a result, worker productivity rose but the experiment had to be stopped due to dissatisfaction of partner companies.

Can something like this happen in Georgia?

 According to the head of the public relations service of the Georgian branch of BEON company (Beeline) Sopho Balavadze, in the foreseeable future this system can’t be introduced  in Georgia.

“The first such experiment was conducted in Denmark, but it is too early for Georgia. The maximum  we can do is to introduce a flexible working and I can say that this practice gives very positive results, ”she says.

In  Balavadze’s words, a good employer should follow and keep up with the changes.


“Goldman Sachs, an American multinational investment bank , that canceled the traditional dress code and allows employees to wear less formal clothes is a good example,” she explains.


According to Lili Bibilashvili, Founder and General Director of HR ProfessionalsGuild (HRPG) , the essence of the experiment is that having more free time, a person is more satisfied with life and works better.

“On average, a person works productively about 4 hours per day. In general, the employee works no more than 6, 5 hours, the rest of the time is spent on phone calls, conversations with employees, a smoke break, etc, ” she notes.

In Bibilashvili’s opinion, a 4-day work week looks like a distant prospect in Georgia.


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