"Ori Nabiji" increased its number of branches to 350

access_time2021-10-13 11:10:33

Supermarket chain Ori Nabiji opened 55 new stores in 2020, the company’s sales increased by GEL 96 million to GEL 414 million. According to the audit report, increased costs reduced profits by 33%, however, unlike other companies, the network did not see a decline in profit  into the red and managed to earn a profit of 5.4 million.

The company Ori Nabiji was founded in 2009 to replace small local shops. At the initial stage, the network operated only in Tbilisi and later expanded in the regions. As of December 31, 2020, Gocha Chkheidze, Gocha Tskitishvili and Kakha Bekauri divided shares in the company equally.

By 2014, Ori Nabiji owned a total of 16 stores, in 2014 their number increased to 34, in 2015 to 65, in 2017 their number  exceeded 100, in 2019 - 200, and in 2020 -  262. According to the information posted on the company's website, by 2021 the number of stores has reached 350. The company employs 2 000 people.

In 2020, the country announced lockdown twice which lasted 3 months. Working hours of supermarkets, pharmacies and banks were reduced due to the curfew. Apart from that, the regulations have increased costs as the companies had to purchase dezo-barriers, a remote thermometer, an antiseptic solution, transparent partitions, masks and gloves.

The company’s earnings increased from GEL 51 million to GEL 81 million, but due to further increased costs, the net profit decreased from GEL 8.1 million to GEL 5.4 million.

Among the competitors only  Nikora network published the 2020 report . Nikora's revenues increased by 19% to GEL 522 million in 2020, sales profit increased by 24% to GEL 129 million, but Nikora’s expenses also increased due to which the company saw a loss of GEL 12.6 million in 2020.


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