Only 9 out of 31 Cement Products Meet Standards

Only 9 out of 31 Cement Products Meet Standards

access_time2019-12-10 07:55:04

Many companies are supplying  low-quality products to the cement market. According to the tests conducted by Georgian Cement Association, only nine packed cement varieties have satisfied the European EN197-1 and EN413-1 standards. The Association examined 31 products and only 29% of them meet European standards.

Six products out of nine are manufactured in Georgia, 3 are  imported from Turkey. Twenty-two products have failed tests, including seven ones showed critically low results compared to the indicators on the pack. (<20 MPA).

The cement quality  tests carried out in December 2019 shows that several  local  companies have worsened the product quality since  July. Namely, in July 2019 the Association examined 28 samples and only 9 of them  passed the  test successfully (32%), while 19 ones failed the tests and 8 ones demonstrated critically low results  (<20 MPA).


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