OLD TBILISI Bottle Looks More Vibrant Than Ever

OLD TBILISI Bottle Looks More Vibrant Than Ever

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Georgian Wines & Spirits Company (GWS), one of the oldest and well-known producers of handpicked wines in Georgia and a constant provider of high quality product, is excited to launch a refreshed label OLD TBILISI, hitting the shelves on June 2019. The new label reflects company’s approach to represent the true spirit of the old town and add a modern twist to it.

Company’s Brand Manager Salome Dolidze explains the rationale behind the label: “the updated label highlights our core values and is a tribute to the stunning architecture and hidden treasures of the old town. Our labels convey the emblematic traditional houses of the Old Tbilisi district in memory of an old tradition when inhabitants used to sing, dance, party and drink on the balconies of Old Tbilisi. We desire our wines to express the joyful tradition of Georgian hospitality and conviviality.”

Precisely because OLD TBILISI is a symbol of Georgian values such as hospitality, friendship and loyalty, the wine is best enjoyed with family and friends in a festive environment. Wine lovers can find the wine that they like among the seven diverse varieties of OLD TBILISI white and red wines: Alaverdi Red and White, Alazani Red and White, Saperavi, and Rkatsiteli- Mtsvane. These diverse set of wines will now be placed in bottles covered with diverse and colorful labels.

The introduction of more colorful and vibrant touch to iconic Tbilisi balconies and terraces adds joy and happiness to the label. The updated label will be able to stand out from the competitors and be more relatable to the Georgian as well as international wine lovers. This is important since the brand actively exports its products outside the border of Georgia and produces wine that serve as popular gift for tourists to take back home.

Both tourists and locals should stay tuned for the introduction of new wine. GWS CEO announced that he is very enthusiastic about the company’s plan to launch a new range of organic wines from its own estate.





For more than 20 years, GWS has been one of the leading businesses in Georgia and worldwide. GWS produces around four Million bottles of premium wines, made exclusively from its own vineyards, 100% of the harvest being hand-picked. In the last few years, GWS was awarded with up to 160 awards and distinctions by prominent national and international competitions. The high profile of the wines from GWS are fueled by the quality of its vineyards and the know-how of the team.


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