Nutrimax to launch fish feed production

Nutrimax to launch fish feed production

access_time2021-07-29 15:00:13

Georgia’s largest animal feed producer  Nutrimax launches  the construction of a new plant to produce compound feed for fish that will be supplied to fish farms.

According to the company spokesperson Revaz Lapachi,  the country faces  a significant shortage  of this product.


“There is a very high demand for fish feed in the local market. Well start production to displace imports. At the first stage, we’ll hold 25-30% of the market share, and our share will grow gradually. These products have not been produced in Georgia and our company  will be the first in the country,” he notes.


In Revaz Lapachi’s words, the construction will begin in 2022. The plant with an investment value of 2.5 million euros will produce 1 500-2 000 tons of feed per day.


“The amount of investment could change over time  and  the cost of the project will be revised,” Revaz Lapachi notes.

The Company “NUTRIMAX” since 2009 is successfully functioning on the Georgian market and its basic aims to provide the medium and small-range farmers with the highest quality feed, feed additives and with modern methods of feeding of live-stock and poultry.  The company offers the  compound feed to the farmers, as well as the best quality premixes and concentrates for efficient growth of poultry and cattle. 

The company is part of Trouw Nutrition Hifeed, a large Dutch holding.


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