Number of Ministries Should be Reduced in Georgia, Says NBG President

Number of Ministries Should be Reduced in Georgia, Says NBG President

access_time2016-02-17 12:26:53

 Giorgi Kadagidze,  President of the National Bank  of Georgia,  believes that the number of ministries in Georgia should be  reduced. He said about this  on air of "Rustavi 2" TV channel while  commenting on the bureaucratic reserves.



"If you ask me where to cut bureaucracy, I would say that today there are 19 ministries in Georgia, not to mention various  structures. Switzerland,  one of the most developed countries of the world,  is controlled by 8 ministries. Provision for reduction of bureaucracy is very high. I think that it is possible to abolish all the ministries  without  portfolio. For example,  the Ministry of European Integration can be abolished  and merged with  the Foreign Ministry as a separate department, as well as  the Ministry of Corrections that doesn’t  exist  in any European country. In due time, after the prosecutor's office became part of the Ministry of Justice, there was a conflict of interest, so it  became necessary to separate the Ministry of Corrections. Now when the Prosecutor's Office is no longer subordinated to the Ministry of Justice, we can fully restore the execution of sentences in the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry of Sports Affairs can be completely abolished while  its functions may be  transferred  to the Ministries  of Education or Defense. We can abolish the Ministry of Culture, which is practically a Soviet relic. The number of ministries can be freely reduced by half ", - Kadagidze says

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