"No one will give the Georgian Dream the right to turn out of the way " - independent MP

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 “Georgian Dream” most likely will not support the demands of deputies who oppose the rejection of the majority election system and the transition to proportional system in 2020. It is not yet clear what processes are underway inside  the ruling team. Anyway, all this turned out to be a problem for the country that’s why all the processes  in the ruling team should be  open and transparent,” the independent MP Levan Koberidze says.

As reported, the ruling party pledged to  adopt constitutional amendments  regarding transformation onto a proportional system of elections  and not a mixed, proportional majoritarian system. The issue was raised due to  opposition rallies at which such  demands were put forward.n

“Georgian Dream” has developed a bill introducing a proportional system with a zero passing barrier banning  the creation of inter-party blocs.

The opposition initially opposed it saying the ruling party had left a loophole to  bribe deputies from small parties who could get into parliament without  any barrier. However, the opposition said it  would not give the ruling party a cause to disrupt the adoption of the amendment to the constitution, and would vote for the transition to a proportional system.

Parliament had to pass the law in first reading on November 12, but due to a protest by a group of majority MPs, its consideration was postponed.

The opposition representatives believe that this is all a play, and the Chairman  of the Georgian Dream Bidzina Ivanishvili uses the majority MPs to disrupt the adoption of the new law formally remaining uninvolved. According to the opposition, the sociological polls conducted by the ruling party show that if the  proportional system is adopted,  it has no chance to win, that’s why  the head of the party is trying to avoid fulfilling his own obligation.

In the words of  Levan Koberidze, “Georgian Dream” provokes the opposition because of the confusion when establishing  the party’s electoral  list.

 “Today the entire opposition spectrum unequivocally and fully supports the introduction of a proportional electoral system in the country. Given all this, the ruling party most likely will not be able to refuse to fulfill its own obligations. The people will not allow them to do this, and I really hope that the “Georgian Dream” will not dare to take such a step,” he points out.

Levan Koberidze speaks about the struggle for places in the party lists and all the deputies are trying to please the party leader demonstrating  loyalty to Bidzine Ivanishvili.


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