Minibus service changes - updated routes

Minibus service changes - updated routes

access_time2022-01-20 14:00:10

1 000 new minibuses will operate in Tbilisi from February 1.


According to Tbilisi City Hall, from today until February 1, 76 minibus lines will be launched in the capital in stages. Of the 76 lines, 53 will replace the old, yellow minibus lines, while another 23 new routes will be added to the capital's transport system. The say that  the minibus reform will continue  in the capital.


As for the minibus lines, according to the City Hall, the following minibuses will be replaced: the minibus N2 will be replaced by N472; N5 > N535; N6 > N536; N11 > N431; N16 > N416; N28 > N428; N33 > N533; N34 > N534; N41 > N541; N42 > N442; N43 > N543; N48 > N475; N51 > N551; N52 > N452; N55 > N455; N60 > N460; N62 > N462; N68 > N528; N70 > N470; N71 > N471; N77 > N517; N78 > N518; N84 > N544; N87 > N527; N91 > N491; N95 > N495; N99 > N499; N103 > N520; N105 > N545; N108 > N538; N116 > N500; N119 > N519; N124 > N497; N128 > N531; N139 > N439; N145 > N532; N148 > N548; N150 > N550; N156 > N546; N165 > N537; N170 > N540; N176 > N547; N182 > N501; N185 > N506; N187 > N467; N189 > N489; N190 > N530; N191 > N521; N193 > N539; N194 > N456; N197 > N507; N199 > N523; N202 > N512.

230 minibuses were moving on the mentioned lines in the form of yellow minibuses. And, as part of the replacement reform, the number of minibuses has doubled.

Currently, 465 new blue minibuses will be operated on 79 lines, considering the reserve number," the Tbilisi City Hall said.

As for the employment of drivers of yellow minibuses, according to the Tbilisi City Hall, it is the prerogative of the company, however, according to their information, the current drivers will be redistributed to new lines.


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