Microchip shortage seriously hits world’s automotive industry

Microchip shortage seriously hits world’s automotive industry

access_time2021-10-13 10:30:36

A shortage of microchips seriously halts entire sectors of the industry.

Computer and smartphone manufacturers were the first to report on problems, now the wave has reached the automotive industry — concerns are suspending the production worldwide.

A small component is threatening with causing a bigger crisis in the world economy. An inevitable rise in prices for cars, which already cost as much as flats, at least in Russia, expects us.

According to car manufacturers, 7,7 million cars fewer will be produced in 2021 compared to 2020. Sales and profit are at threat, it is no surprise that the indicators will be levelled due to a high price of the commodity, it is a simple law of the market economy.

Experts name the number of $210 billion as the amount of revenue car producers lost due to disrupted supplies of electronic components.

Toyota said in late August it was cutting car production by 40%.


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