McDonald’s earnings  rose 25% in Georgia

McDonald’s earnings rose 25% in Georgia

access_time2019-11-08 15:48:20

In Georgia McDonald’s earnings  amounted to  GEL 79 431 171 in 2018 that is 25% more compared to 2017 due to a growing number of clients and new branches in 2018, T&K Restaurants management reports.

Operational profits have also increased from GEL 8.2 million to GEL 10.2 million. Net profits made up GEL 6.3 million, after GEL 1.6 million losses in 2017.

McDonald’s network in Georgia unites 15 restaurants. The company is set to expand the network and open several new branches.

The company also plans to cooperate with the domestic bakery so as the bakery obtain the certificate of McDonald’s corporation. After the certification, the bakery will supply bread to both the McDonald’s logistics hub in Georgia and logistics hubs of McDonald’s in Central Asia and Europe.

The company also plans to foster domestic manufacturers of salads and packing materials so as they introduce production technologies commensurate with the standards of McDonald’s Corporation.

McDonald’s investments poured into Georgia’s five cities made up GEL 79 291 532, including GEL 10 559 575 in 2018.



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