Leading  causes of death in Georgia

Leading causes of death in Georgia

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A total of 46,524 people died in Georgia in 2018,  of which 23,836 are men and 22,688 - women. 74%of them  were over 65 years old.

Statistics show that  the birth rate in Georgia exceeds death rates by 4,614 people.

Heart diseasecancer are  leading causes of death in Georgia.

In 2018, 21,549 people died from cardiovascular diseases, 7,329 from cancer, 3,676 from the respiratory system diseases, 2,015 from injuries and external influences, 1 587 from the digestive system diseases , 675 from diseases of the endocrine system, from diseases of the genitourinary system 642, parasitic and infectious diseases 588, 491 died from the nervous system diseases, from disorders originating in the perinatal period-  297, 105- from congenital anomalies, 52- from diseases caused by  mental disorders, 30- from the muscular system diseases, 20- during childbirth, from diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue - 20.

 6,927 people died of causes that did not fall within  any of the above groups.


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