Kula not set to increase prices for its products

Kula not set to increase prices for its products

access_time2021-01-22 16:00:10

In Georgia electricity tariffs have increased not only for the residents but for the businesses since January 1, 2021.


On the basis of political expediency, many years of practice have remained unchanged - the power cost for corporate clients is higher  than for ordinary consumers.


In unison with electricity  water and gas tariffs are hiking in price  that makes a rise in prices inevitable but some companies refrain from doing  so.


According to Director of the canning company Kula Vano Goglidze, the company will be able to keep prices at the current level until June through  the raw materials stock.


“The tariff hikes forces us to think about the rise in prices for our products, but due to a large stock of raw materials, we can keep the current price level until June. After June given the market situation, raw material and fuel prices we will make a decision ,” he notes.


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