Kula is not set to raise prices

Kula is not set to raise prices

access_time2020-04-06 12:00:55

“Prices for our products will not change until the end of May while in the future everything will  depend on the lari rate and raw materials prices,” Vano Gogoladze, founder of the canning company Kula, says.

According to Gogoladze, despite the production is local, the company has to import some types of raw materials and for this reason, the exchange rate of the national currency is important for them.

However, he hopes that the situation will stabilize and the company will be able to produce and sell products without revising prices.


“Purchase of raw materials in dollars and euros automatically hikes prices for products, but so far we have internal resources to curb prices. They may not be exhausted  by the end of May, but we still hope that by that time the crisis will end that will allow to keep prices at the level of January-February, ”he explains.


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