Kibar Khalvashi released statement

Kibar Khalvashi released statement

access_time2019-08-20 08:00:22

The owner of Rustavi 2, Kibar Khalvashi has released a statement. According to Khalvashi, a one-week deadline has expired today for the sale of Rustavi 2, but nobody has expressed a desire to buy the company.

“Now I have only two options: either to start the bankruptcy process or try to save the company.

I decided to save Rustavi 2, for which I will use all my resources and capabilities.

Rustavi 2 should become a commercially successful and profitable television that will not be burdened by political or other obligations and will defend its interests.

I have many years of successful business experience and I think I will overcome problems with people for whom the interests of the TV company are important.

At the same time, I realize that I will have difficult negotiations with creditors in order to allow the company to function properly and overcome the crisis. However, I think we will overcome all the difficulties step by step, reads Khalvashi’s statement.

At the same time, Khalvashi says he will continue the legal dispute with the former Director General, “who had been deliberately disrupting the channel, damaging its interests and using the channel only as a tool for Saakashvili's political struggle.”

“I am convinced that Rustavi 2 will be both financially and politically independent in the near future, and the truly independent journalists will serve the best interests of the public.

In the nearest future, to strengthen the company, I will develop a concrete action plan, which we will definitely implement and achieve our goal! ”- says Khalvashi.


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