Italy Reopens Its Borders for Residents of 14 Third-Countries, including Georgia

Italy Reopens Its Borders for Residents of 14 Third-Countries, including Georgia

access_time2020-07-03 13:46:22

Residents of Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay can enter Italy since July 1, the Ministry of Health announces through a notice published in its website.

Persons who show ‘demonstrable reasons of study’, are also added to the list of persons who can enter the Italian territory from the same date and on, as well as work needs, health reasons and absolute necessity.

Signing the ordinance, Minister Speranza said that the Coronavirus situation at the global level remains complex, noting that the improving situation in Italy must be preserved.

We must prevent the sacrifices the Italian people have made in recent months from being wasted,” the Minister said.

Despite being one of the worst-hit countries in the EU by the Coronavirus pandemic, Italy was among the first to open its borders to tourists from the EU and the Schengen Associated Countries, on June 3.

The decision was widely criticized and deemed as “premature” by many of the Member States, as the majority of these countries moved on to open their borders to the rest of the EU citizens on June 15 and later. Some others as Malta reopened their borders only on July 1, and others as Norway plan to do so later on July 15.

The two latter, alongside with countries as Hungary, turned down a proposal of the EU Council to reopen borders to 15 third-countries deemed as safe throughout the beginning of July, noting that the situation does not permit for such a step to be taken yet.

The same list will, however, be reviewed every two weeks and adjusted depending on the latest Coronavirus developments in each country.


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