IRI: 78% of Georgians support the  transition to fully proportional system

IRI: 78% of Georgians support the transition to fully proportional system

access_time2019-11-19 11:55:57

78% of the Georgian people, who have heard about the transition to a fully proportional system for parliamentary elections, support this change, International Republican Institute (IRI) reports.

In addition, 78% of respondents believe that transition to a fully proportional system will have a positive impact on Georgia's democratic development.

In addition, according to the International Republican Institute, “The first International Republican Institute (IRI) national poll conducted in Georgia since the anti-Russia protests in June 2019 indicates a continued deficit of trust in the government. No party has a clear lead in the upcoming election, but there is potential to make headway with voters by addressing economic issues, which continue to be the top national concern for citizens.”

Fieldwork for this poll was conducted by the Institute of Polling and Marketing and data were collected between September 11 and October 14, 2019. The survey was coordinated by Dr. Rasa Alisauskiene of the public and market research company  Baltic Surveys/The Gallup Organization on behalf of IRI’s Center for Insights in Survey Research through face-to-face interviews at respondents’ homes.

The sample consisted of 1,500 permanent residents of Georgia aged 18 or older and eligible to vote. The sample is representative of the general population by age, gender, region and settlement size. The margin of error for this survey does not exceed plus-or-minus 2.5 percent, and the response rate was 69 percent.


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