Insurance company Ardi expands

Insurance company Ardi expands

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Insurance company Ardi expands its network jointly with the investment fund GAZELLE FINANCE GEORGIA.

According to the company’s director general Mikheil Japaridze, Ardi is going through a new stage of development, which envisages the opening of new branches in the regions within 2 years and the renewal of existing ones.

“We want to bring the economic development to the regions the country needs today. We believe the regions have more resources and opportunities than it seems at first glance, and we, as a business entity, want to contribute to the development of our country, ” Japaridze says.

Ardi has 5 branches in Tbilisi and as many in the regions. A few days ago, the company opened its branch in Kutaisi jointly with GAZELLE FINANCE GEORGIA.

“The first service center in Kutaisi was opened in 2013 and it was a success, so was decided to expand it. The new branch is the result of the partnership working  of Ardi and GAZELLE FINANCE GEORGIA, which began this year. We have already successfully updated the existing branches, and we will open several new service centers outside Tbilisi by the end of the year,” Mikheail Japaridze points out.

In the words of the investment director of the Gazelle Finance Georgia fund Natia Janelidze, they’ve  opted for Ardi for several reasons - it is an independent insurance company that is not associated with any major financial institution, it offers high quality services, has consistent and competent management and company's customers are very satisfied with its work.

“Although we don’t  invest in the financial sector, we’ve chosen Ardi as an exception,” she notes. 

Currently, Ardi has about 50,000 clients with  health insurance, 2500 – with auto insurance, 2000 - insurance of financial risks.

Gazelle Finance Georgia is part of the American  Gazelle Finance investment fund.


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