Insurance companies ended  2020 with doubled profits

Insurance companies ended 2020 with doubled profits

access_time2021-04-05 15:34:43

In 2020, Georgian insurance companies attracted premiums in the amount of 667.3 million, the profit stood at GEL 47.6 million that is 22.4 million more than in 2019.


The health insurance is the most common type of services provided by Georgian insurance companies - 17% of people benefit from  this type of insurance , the number of insurance policies issued as of the end of 2020 reaches 602,408.


In the second place is auto insurance - as of the end of 2020, in total 93,196 car insurance policies were issued in Georgia.

“GPI Holding” leads in terms of the raised premiums (GEL 128.9 million), followed by Aldagi (GEL 106.9 million), TBC-Insurance (GEL 89.23 million), Imedi L (GEL 71.6 million) and Ardi (GEL 59.5 million).


In 2020 Aldagi  compensated for the largest  amount of the loss (GEL 88, 12 million), followed by GPI Holding (GE 74 million), Imedi L (GEL 46, 1 million), "TBC Insurance" (GEL 36, 1 million), and Ardi (GEL 34, 7 million).


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