“Infrastructure  Minister’s  statement is an attempt to discredit the Consortium”

“Infrastructure Minister’s statement is an attempt to discredit the Consortium”

access_time2019-03-22 12:06:43

CEO of the Anaklia Development Consortium Levan Akhvlediani responds to Maya Tskitishvili’s, Minister of Infrastructure, accusations. The Minister said when delivering her  speech in parliament that the Consortium does not have an experienced operator of Anaklia port, and this is one of the reasons why international investors are in no hurry to finance the project and require the state guarantees about the port capacity.

“The Minister’s  statement is an attempt to discredit the consortium. We have a large team of specialists not only from Georgia, but also from Europe and the USA. The implementation of such large projects is virtually impossible without support  of foreign experts, who have invested heavily in their work and  the project has reached the current stage. If we did not have qualified specialists, there would not have reached this stage, ” the Consortium CEO notes. 

At the same time, Akhvlediani says that from the very beginning it was evident that a project worth $ 600 million could not be carried out  without the participation of the state.

“The accusation against the consortium that it has failed to attract investments is incorrect statement of the problem. Those  who thought that someone would risk investing $ 600 million in a project without the participation of the state, ” Levan Akhvlediani stresses.



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