Infrastructure and construction projects suspended indefinitely due to quarantine

Infrastructure and construction projects suspended indefinitely due to quarantine

access_time2020-04-01 16:35:49

The introduction of quarantine forced to suspend operations even such  sectors of the economy as  infrastructure and construction.

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak in the country, the development company "GDG Group" has conserved 4 projects.

“We obey the law, and have suspended all our projects  indefinitely. We will wait for the development of events both in the world and in Georgia. There is no other way as everything has  frozen over pandemic uncertainty, ” the company CEO Bezhan Tsakadze says.

"Roads and landscaping" company has also suspended work.


“We comply with all laws and government requirements regarding quarantine,” the head of the company Besik Kasradze explains.

Anagi company has not stopped any project continues to operate as usual despite the difficult situation.

“We comply with all laws and recommendations. We drive our employees from home to the construction site and back. If someone is forced to violate curfew due to work, we give him  the appropriate permissions,” the company says.

According to President of the Association of Developers Irakli Rostomashvili, it is very difficult to predict what expects the development sector in the near future.

“The development sector complies with all government regulations. At this stage finished  apartments are being sold but soon the sales  will stop for a while, ”he notes. 

Rostomashvili believes that  the near future will show the impact of the quarantine on the construction sector, and primarily  concerns the working conditions in the current situation.

“The problems associated with  quarantine will be revealed  within a few days we. Today, the paramount task is to carry out all measures aimed at preventing the spread of the virus, construction is of secondary importance. Those who will manage to combine these two priorities will be able to continue working, ” Presidents of the Association of Developers points out.


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