"In the last days a new wave of price hikes hit Georgia"

access_time2019-09-10 08:30:32

According to the President of Georgian Distributors Business Association (GDBA)  Iva Chkonia, a new wave of price hikes for essential commodities hit the country  in recent days that was quite expected  amid the national currency’s collapse.

“The first wave of price increases was registered  at the end of July – August mainly in small shops, which are more sensitive to changes in the exchange rate. The second wave  is now beginning and concerns large chain supermarkets and hypermarkets. The process has already begun and prices will rise within a few days. prices will stop rising if the lari stands  at the current mark. If  the dollar  exchange rate  exceeds 3 lari, then the prices for goods keep growing    and the new wave will hit the country  in November, ”Iva Chkonia explains.



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