I'm very surprised how businesses in Georgia have kept  stable - European Business Association

I'm very surprised how businesses in Georgia have kept stable - European Business Association

access_time2021-02-24 11:48:55

"If  there is a normal environment in Georgia, it could lead to painful outcomes. "If the government and the opposition do not want to contain the deepening crisis, businesses will not recover at all," the European Business Association says in a conversation with Commersant commenting on the possible impact of the current events on the investment environment in the country and adds that businesses affected by the regulations may never recover.

"All members of the European Business Association are now very concerned. Political stability is the main factor for motivating FDI into Georgia.  There is political instability in the country for more than half a year that hurts businesses. Businesses have already been hit by the COVID-19 restrictions, I am very surprised how business in Georgia has maintained  stability. The  business environment suffers a big blow and I still have high hopes that there will not be even more affected.

We just want to do business; I'm sure 90 percent of the population does not want to do politics. We want to move forward. I hope businesses will still find a way of stability in Georgia and the current investments will be maintained. It’s crucial the crisis will end to allow  the Business Association to carry out its activities, it hurts us and the currency. The court is a system problem, the bureaucracy has been a big problem for years. European countries are trying to recover, I do not see it in Georgia, "-  John Braekeveldt, Chairman of European Business Association (EBA), says.

Nika Melia was sentenced to imprisonment as a preventive measure on February 17. On February 18 Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia resigned, saying he had failed not reach a consensus in the team on the form of enforcing a court decision. All this time before his arrest Melia was in the National Movement office along with members of other opposition parties.


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