'If the action plan is adopted, flour price hikes will be stopped

'If the action plan is adopted, flour price hikes will be stopped" - Georgian Flour Producers Association

access_time2022-05-19 11:00:57

A special group to tackle the grain  crisis , which includes government officials and business men , has failed to make any concrete decisions in this regard ,” Levan Silagava, Executive  Director  of the Georgian  Flour Producers Association, states .

According to Silagava, the Association presente
d an action plan, promising if it is adopted, flour price hike s will be stopped. The document envisages the launch of mechanisms by the government that would allow the import of flour at lower prices.

We've submitted our proposals to the government, but the economic bloc has no consensus on the issue. We were assured by the Prime Minister and the government that the work on the agreed document will continue. The main goal, as the Prime Minister says, is to resume the work of the mills that are currently suspended,” Levan Silagava notes.


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