Huawei Mate 30 phones are launching on September 19

Huawei Mate 30 phones are launching on September 19

access_time2019-09-03 09:00:48

Huawei will launch the new Mate 30 series smartphones on September 19, at a special event in Munich, Germany. The arrival of Huawei’s new phones is marred by controversy, regarding whether or not the devices will use Google Android and all the related Google Services. Due to the continuation of Huawei’s well-publicized problems with the U.S. government, it may not have secured the correct licensing to use the software.

There have been conflicting reports on what’s going to happen with the Mate 30. While some have claimed Huawei does not have the ability to use Google Services on the Mate 30, Huawei has expressed confidence that it can do so. However, it has not gone into detail about how it will achieve this. As it stands right now, it’s presumed the block on U.S. companies doing business with Huawei prevents it from incorporating Google Services on phones not previously announced. This would include the Mate 30.

The Mate 30 is Huawei’s second major smartphone release of 2019, following the P30 Pro  earlier in the year. The phone is usually promoted as a powerful productivity device, but the line between it and the P30 Pro’s fashion-forward design and camera-oriented features has blurred. We expect the Mate 30 and particularly the Mate 30 Pro to refine the P30 Pro’s excellent camera further, and to introduce new features too. Additionally, it’s almost certainly going to be Huawei’s first phone to use the Kirin 990 processor , which will launch at the IFA technology show in Germany this week. Regardless of the operating system the phone uses, it will also have the new EMUI 10  user interface over the top.


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