How much  does a pilot training cost and whether  Georgian aviation will face staff shortages?

How much does a pilot training cost and whether Georgian aviation will face staff shortages?

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Georgia may face  staff shortages in the civil aviation - Iase Zautashvili, an expert in the field of aviation, the former Director General of the Airzena airline, states.


According to Zautashvili, amid the pandemic, many Georgian pilots and technical personnel left the country and went abroad, while to find a qualified replacement for them is a problem. The current shortage is also caused by high costs required to train qualified pilots.


“Trainings that are carried out abroad is the biggest problem as one such course costs about $ 3,000 and training a qualified pilot costs $ 150-200 thousand. If the civil  aviation doesn’t face a  staff shortage at the stage , in the near future this problem will be acute -  the state does nothing to train pilots and  private companies cannot afford such expenses, ”he explains.


In Zautashvili’s words,  the situation in the industry is clearly evidenced by the fact that Airzena airlines had to send 80% of its staff on unpaid leave.


“Tte crisis affects everyone who works in aviation, employees have to look for work in more sustainable sectors. They also go abroad, to China and Africa, ”he says.


Mainly pilots in Georgia worked in aviation in the Soviet period, and as a rule, they are qualified personnel. As for the new pilots and technical personnel, the country lacks them  that hinder the industry’s  sustainable development.


 “In Soviet period, Georgia had a good training base for pilots and the country had very highly qualified specialists. Airzena still has very good pilots. The problem is that in the current  situation they have to look for work abroad, ”Iase Zautashvili stresses.


He adds that graduates of the Aviation University need to practice certain skills  for 4 - 6 years to become  qualified pilots.

“Unfortunately, the Georgian market is unstable and does not give any guarantee that these investments in training will not be lost, and the staff will not be forced to leave for other sectors of the economy. We say that Georgia is a tourist country, but we have a staff shortage in aviation , not to mention  that a tourist country should have  maximally developed civil aviation, ”the airline ex-director concludes.


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